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The Building Blocks of Blockchain

One of the experts spearheading the understanding of blockchain in the credit union space is Catalyst Corporate Vice President for Correspondent Services Justin Lutes.

CU Direct’s Journey to Evolution and Innovation

From its beginning 20 years ago until today, the company has both evolved and innovated with the times, much like the credit unions it serves.

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The Evolution of Auto & Home Insurance in 2018

From Amazon and Alexa to Uber and Zillow, we don’t need to look far to see how technology and connectivity have changed our way of life, how we communicate, and how we do business.

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Building Equity for Your Members

Last year, CUNA Mutual Group Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Angela Russell was fortunate enough to hear author Gyasi Ross give a keynote speech at the YWCA Racial Justice Summit.

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Strategic Thinking Beyond the C-Suite

“I need my team members to be more strategic in their thinking.”

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Trend Watch: Timely Technology Updates Ensure Success

Timing is everything when it comes to rolling out new technology at credit unions.

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How Repo Remarketing Can Improve Your Returns

Whether you already use Repo Remarketing for your repossessions or you work directly with your local agent, what are you going to do with your vehicles after repossession?

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Which Way? 3 Ways to Prioritize Your Options for Growth

Your growth possibilities may be endless, but your resources are not. For many credit unions with limited time and money, deciding which growth opportunities to pursue can be a challenge.

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How Chatbots Can Revive Your PFM Investment

Right now, a market opportunity exists for credit unions to reimagine how their existing Personal Financial Management (PFM) solutions work with popular voice-and-messaging channels, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Facebook Messenger, to open new channels of engagement, as well as opportunities to deepen relationships with members.

Innovating Lending through Data & Efficiency

As credit unions approach a new decade and begin to lend to the next generation of borrowers, it’s important to look ahead and assess what factors will shape and disrupt the lending landscape.

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Assets, Shares, Members and Loans near the top for Idaho, Oregon and Washington

Callahan & Associates recently published its 2018 Credit Union Directory, with data and statistics on each of the credit unions in the U.S.

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JRF Consulting Offers Business Development and Sales Culture Evolution Expertise

There have been many changes in the Credit Union Movement over the last decade.

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Driving the Car Buying Revolution

When it comes to buying products online, new car sales have lagged behind other online products and services. However, that’s rapidly changing.

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With Tax Season Upon Us, Here’s Another Way to Boost the Value of CU Membership

Through NWCUA’s Strategic Link partnership with Love My Credit Union Rewards, you can guide your members through this coming tax season, and help them save.

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The Evolution of Auto and Home Insurance in 2018

From Amazon and Alexa to Uber and Zillow, we don’t need to look far to see how technology and connectivity have changed our way of life, how we communicate, and how we do business.

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Develop Your Credit Union’s Digital Brand

A well-crafted digital brand can motivate your members to become full-fledged fans.

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Keeping Pace With Member Expectations

With the credit union industry largely comprised of self-identified “fast followers” when it comes to adopting innovative, technology-driven member experiences, it’s important to ask – how fast should we follow? And who are we following?

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CSCU, a Leader in Payments Processing and an NWCUA Strategic Link Partner, Creates Trellance

CSCU, one of the nation’s leading CUSOs and one of your Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link partners, has formed a new company, Trellance.

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Grow Your CU With More Effective Decision-Making Techniques

In late 2017, the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link launched a partnership designed to help Northwest credit unions discover and navigate growth strategies, including collaborations, joint ventures, partnerships, and alliances.

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NWCUA’s Strategic Link Announces New Partnership With NuQuo

To support credit unions looking for ways to save money when negotiating office equipment contracts, your Association’s Strategic Link has partnered with NuQuo, a vendor-neutral, independent consulting firm that specializes in helping its clients get the best solutions at the best price.

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Is Your Credit Union Prepared for These Emerging Risks?

For many credit unions, identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks can be a challenge, considering nearly every aspect of the business can pose a risk.

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Making the Authentication Process Secure and Effortless for Members

Seeking a way to help Northwest credit unions deliver convenient, secure, and effective services to members, Strategic Link has vetted a new partner, AnchorID.

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Tips for Managing Your Credit Union’s Online Brand

This article was contributed by Shelly-Ann Wilson Henry, Corporate Communications Manager for CSCU. Through NWCUA’s Strategic Link partnership, CSCU has provided Northwest credit unions with insight, ideas, and the know-how required to compete in the rapidly evolving payments industry.

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Cybersecurity Tips for Credit Unions

For many credit unions, limited resources make prioritizing cybersecurity enhancements a challenge.