CU Values Mobile App Now Available on Apple, Google Play

October 3, 2016

CU Values helps credit unions to cooperatively build a mobile platform rather than forcing individual credit unions to take on the cost alone, saving members’ money in the process. Participating credit unions purchase ‘shares,’ each for $150-per-month. Each share includes one location-based notification to promote a product for their credit union. The process does not include enormous setup or implementation fees, or lengthy contract terms.

In addition, each share includes three unique offers at merchants in those communities, along with mobile advertising within the platform.

Gregg Hammerman, Co-Founder of Larky, noted that while smaller credit unions benefit from the share buy-in, credit unions of all sizes see benefit, adding that “current participants range in sizes from $30 million in assets to over $1.1 billion.”

The app works by targeting a member’s location and sharing deals on products and services nearby. From an auto body shop to coffee, members can pick and choose what deals to see, and when. All deals are immediate savings; no points to collect, or rebates issued later.

Credit unions suggest local companies to Larky. From there, Larky builds out the app, handles merchant outreach and negotiation, and input into the CU Values system. Credit unions, meanwhile, keep the focus on driving member value, and building relationships with local businesses.

CU Values can be access directly from the following platforms:


Google Play:

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