The Digital Onboarding platform increases conversion and satisfaction rates by guiding members through multi-step processes that would otherwise feel complex and confusing (e.g., adopting online banking, activating their debit cards, signing up for direct deposit, etc.) The platform also helps credit unions educate members during conversions, cross sell additional products, and help members build their savings.

The platform has three key components:

Email and text campaigns plus gamified incentives drive members to guided Digital Onboarding journeys that help them fully activate their new accounts. Easy-to-use drag and drop features let you instantly create, schedule, and test messages that reach members during the critical first 60 days of the relationship.

A custom account activation microsite educates and guides members through each step of the process and gamified incentives motivate them to finish activating their new accounts by signing up for online banking, downloading the mobile app, setting up direct deposit, and whatever actions they need to take to fully engage with your credit union.

Summary analytics and reports by individual help you you see how members progress through each stage of the activation funnel. Actionable insights enable you to quickly optimize for the best results. While it’s tough to measure the success of paper welcome kits, the Digital Onboarding platform lets you see the actions that every member took—and didn’t take—to activate their new accounts.