Glia is a digital-first member communication and collaboration platform that transforms digital member servicing. By allowing member servicing teams and members to choose how, where, and when they want to communicate, you reduce member effort and improve efficiency. Glia is the only digital communication platform that is easy to implement and easy to use, while providing seamless transition between all communication channels. Begin with a chatbot, transfer to live chat, upgrade to voice or even video while leveraging collaboration tools such as CoBrowsing and Screen Sharing all from one fully integrated platform.

Glia on COVID-19

Glia is ready to help NWCUA credit unions during this challenging time. The company provides a digital member communication/collaboration platform that can immediately assist employees and members in the following ways:

Immediately and securely enable staff to support customer calls from home, configured in minutes regardless of your current phone platform. Enable digital communication and collaboration: chat, voice, video, co-browsing and screen-sharing. Deflect calls and more efficiently service members and employees.

Glia is offering NWCUA credit unions free testing, delayed payments, and free temporary use of its digital member services platform to assist during the COVID-19 crisis.