At SIGNiX, we’re focused on creating e-signature products to make your life easier. With e-signature technology, your credit union can boost member satisfaction while reducing the cost of mailing and processing documents. We have more than a decade of experience helping credit unions large and small get documents signed instantly online. With e-signatures, your members can sign documents from the comfort of their homes and offices.The benefits of SIGNiX’s e-signatures for Credit Unions include:
~ Up to 95% reduction in errors
~ Increased member acceptance of contracts
~ Reduced labor, shipping, processing and handling costs
~ More time for employees to focus on their primary jobs
~ Improved member convenience and satisfaction
That doesn’t just mean creating an easy-to-use service, but it also means giving you the assurance that you don’t have to be an e-signature expert—that’s our job.We spend hours pouring over laws and regulations to make sure our digital signature products are compliant, legal and secure. With SIGNiX, you can rest easy knowing your documents are in the hands of the most trusted name in digital signatures.