Abe AI makes it possible for credit unions to utilize the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to engage and support members on conversational channels including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. Credit unions utilize Abe AI products to increase engagement, support members, drive financial wellness, and attract the next generation of members.

Products Include:

Knowledge: Get to market quickly with an AI-powered virtual agent answering common questions that don’t require members to authenticate or share sensitive information.

Financial Management: Support and engage members with an AI-powered virtual agent that proactively assists with everyday money management.

Banking: Allow members to send money and pay bills through an AI-powered virtual agent on any voice and messaging channel.

Platform License: Utilize the next generation AI-platform from Abe AI to build your own customized products and conversational flows, including financial algorithms that automatically trigger proactive conversations to boost engagement.

Deliver new levels of member engagement and support with Abe AI.  Get started today.