Allison Clarke, CSP is an expert in leadership and influence who brings over two decades of experience in corporate training. She believes no change can happen without the right attitude, a strong vision and effective coaching. She’s helped thousands around the world break through barriers to get results that improve their productivity and profitability.

Allison brings out the human side of business. Her approach ignites the potential of each person and enhances company culture where it’s needed most.

She believes that every problem in business is a people problem. She has spoken at credit union conferences for years and also is hired by individual credit unions to customize training for their teams.

“Credit unions are all about building relationships,” Clarke says. “Remember that you are your own billboard everywhere you go… When you’re in the community you have an opportunity to find new members. In this vital, digital land people are watching us at all times. So how can you be more effective?”

Presentations Include:

  • 7 Seconds that Change Your Life: Presentation & Listening Skills
  • First Impressions That Boost the Bottom Line
  • Conscious Customer Service: 5 Steps for Creating Loyal Members