The only way to do business is to serve others, do more for them, and charge less. Since 2004, that’s shaped our vision to support independent business owners and take one more worry off their backs—by accepting payments, consulting on business solutions, and providing great local service. We don’t talk, we listen. Our focus is to provide your business owner members with the best solutions, from integrating with their current equipment (terminals, POS systems), finding them equipment that fits their needs, providing simple and fair credit/debit card processing, to our 24/7 local support.

Today, we proudly serve over 18,000 independent businesses across the United States.

Gravity Payments on COVID-19

Gravity Payments is ready to help credit unions during the COVID-19 crisis. The days of calling in or bringing in payments are behind us.   

Gravity Payments’ processing solution enhances the member experience and frees up time and money for credit unions. Members can make online payments with any financial institution’s debit card. No need for core integration – it’s a quick install on credit unions’ existing homepages. As an example, please take a look at  White River CU Payment Page. 

Gravity is covering the cost of setting up the online payment system so there are no startup fees, service fees, or activation fees. They’re also offering months of “at cost” processing. This means for $10 a month plus “at cost” processing fees (Visa/MC/Discover), credit unions can take payments anytime, anywhere