Fortress Identity was founded in 2015 by a team of IT professionals who were tired of having to choose either strong access security, or ease of use. Today Fortress Identity provides User Authentication made Simple with Compound Biometrics™. The Fortress Identity Biometric Authenticator™ is an easy to use, simple to implement package of compound biometrics solutions for highly reliable user verification for access and transaction control.

Your members will appreciate accessing their accounts simply with their face and voice. No complicated passwords, PINS, or codes to remember.

Your developers will appreciate how easy it is to implement whichever compound biometric user authentication modes are right for your specific environment.  Request free demo code at:

Your compliance team will welcome Fortress Identity’s highly secure KYC digital on-boarding and multifactor user identity verification for member transactions.  Lower risk. Enhance usability. Simplify Security.

All in one turnkey package – multiple voice modes, facial identification, remote on-boarding.

Fortress Identity Products:

Fortress Identity Biometric Authenticator for User Authentication made simple with Compound Biometrics

Fortress Identity SDK™ for iOS or Android mobile environments

Fortress Identity AD™ for Active Directory

Fortress Identity Citrix™ for Citrix environments